Henk van den Bosch                                                 

Henk was born in 1968 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
He studied Electrical Engineering at HAN University in
Arnhem, Bachelor degree.

In 1994 Henk started his wind career at Lagerwey, the
Dutch Wind Turbine manufacturer. As a Project- and
Contract Manager, Henk was responsible for the 
installation of more than 600 wind turbines in Europe
and India. From 2001 to 2003 Henk was contracted by
the Dutch utility NUON as Contract Manager for several
Wind Farm Projects in The Netherlands, Germany and
Norway, totalling a contract value of over 120 million euro.

In 2002, Henk founded WINDBROKERS as broker for
Used Wind Turbines. In 2003 WINDBROKERS was
established as independent Supplier of Used Wind
Turbines. Subsequently several ventures and projects
in wind business have been erected. Henk's professional
role can be defined as Wind Business Developer.